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Hello, I'm Phoebe Fon, from China. You can use or post my gifs on somewhere else without my permission.
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So. It seems Craig has caught wind of what’s been written in his tag here on tumblr…

So I used the tag to write a message to him, much more like writting a wish list to Santa tho.

Guangzhou would be a lovely choice.


Paul Higgins in Case Histories

This man is far too good at tragic tears.


You asked? Since you did not specify, I made one with penis and one as a deity.

On the way to the L.A. premiere at the Egyptian Theatre I sat quietly with my wife in the back of a ridiculously oversized limo.
“You taking this in?” she asked.
“What?” I said.
“You’re going to the big premiere of a movie that you wrote and starred in. This is what you came here to do—anything from here on in will just be variations of this.”
She was wrong, though. I loved Saving Grace and I’m still proud of it so I wanted to promote it and wanted it to succeed. I was to find out just how rare that is in the next few years.
Sascha’s predictions, however, can be spookily accurate. Like the time we were leaving David Letterman’s New York studio after my first-ever visit to his show, to promote Saving Grace.
“You’re going to be asked to take over for him one day,” she said.
I told her she was nuts, that I was an actor and a writer, not a late-night TV host.
“I’m telling you,” she insisted.
No one has remotely suggested to me, as I write this, that I should take over for David Letterman when he retires, but I would say it’s a little more likely than it was when I first visited the show, and I certainly would be more interested in the idea now than I was then. We’ll see.

I like that while friends around me are worrying about Craig leaving TLLS, kellipsis16 and I are very excited about the possibility of Craig being the Master in the next year.

We are trying to find out a way to that timeline.


Smartest title of all!
——spoiler alert!


Smartest title of all!

——spoiler alert!

Great final! Great fun!

I wanna know how much memes are there in this episode! (In case I miss any.)




The Craigy Who and Mr Timey Pants FINALE! Thanks for sticking with me over the course of the comic. I may continue the adventure but it won’t be for a little while. Thank you also to everyone who backed the Kickstarter. It’s been a huge success and, well, I’m overwhelmed.

Comic too small to read? VIEW HERE.

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Cool, coolcoolcool.


I bet Craig must feel like this at the moment.



Craig, whatever you decide to do I’m with you all the way. Take a step back from all the yakking and yelling that’s going on right now - go with your gut instinct. It’s usually right and I trust you, man.


I salute you Mr Ferguson.