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I keep miswriting….
This is the sixth page I wrote for the challenge. :P

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Gobber and Grump are enjoying their day off from the blacksmith shop! How are you spending Labor Day?


I got tagged to show the world my horrible handwriting once again by Colby (frostbiterainbowsnowcone) and nvmthebollocks! Heeyyyyyy.

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Challenge Accepted B-)


This follows the pattern in the franchise of the adults having Scottish accents. Other notable Scottish actors in the cast include Gerard Butler as Stoick the Vast, and Craig Ferguson as Gobber the Belch.



Oi big sexy woman!

Peter you’re brilliant!!



The only thing I could celebrate is that officially Clara will no longer flirt with the Doctor. And I love Michelle Gomez.(OK, that’s two things.)

1.BUGS. Like how the hell the sonic-screwdriver can actually make the rein get rid of the groom’s hands? How did the doctor get up to the floor since he was under the sofa?

2.Why did they sacrifice Clara to give us a lesson? And, why the hell do we need one? If you wanted to make Clara the companion who lost her faith in the Doctor than let her go and have a new companion! 11th’s call didn’t convince me to accept the new Doctor, just made me feel that this is so f**king “Mary Sue”. Why didn’t you just make Clara accept him so those who can’t could look up to Clara. Now I really hate Clara. Also, as a writer, if you want 12th to be loved, why don’t you just put some effort in your script, instead of using your characters to teach the audience how to watch the show in the first episode!!!??? 

3.Madame Vastra and Clara’s chat made me sick. To much meaningless hints about flirting. And again, don’t try to teach the audience how to accept the Doctor. Also, the Marcus Aurelius thing, WTF?

4.Strax. My friend he very much like Strax but he doesn’t want to see a nothing-but-dumb Strax. I agreed.

5.So, after Peter commended no flirting with Clara, Clara behaved like a bitch who couldn’t get what her wanted and treated the Doctor like shit. How would any companion left the unstable Doctor alone in the journey starting by swimming in the cold water???  

6.I can’t understand anything in the conversation between the Doctor and the robot. The Doctor kept saying that the robot knew he should end his life by himself, but I don’t see why he should. 

7.Toooooooo much time spended on Clara and Madame Vastra, so they end up introducing a new Doctor with very few personalities. I‘m tried of seeing Madame Vastra and her pals, not because they are not cool, is because they didn’t show up for they are fun, but Moffat need someone.

8.Moffat just can’t let go the flirting thing and have to find a new one to take over the flirting job. He just can’t handle “single”.

My friend suggested that Jo(creator of Craigy Who) should run the show and I argeed, again. I really want Moffat can walk away the next season. All he cares are the tricks and the finals, but traveling in the whole time and space has way more things valuable than that. 

(If you really disagree with me you can tell me. Cursing is acceptable too. I just have to say it out aloud.)


This really cracks me up!

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